Consultation on Main Modifications to the emerging Local Plan

Details of the Consultation

Following the Examination Hearing Sessions for the emerging Local Plan, the Council has prepared a number of changes, known as Main Modifications, to the Epping Forest District Local Plan Submission Version (2017) to address issues of soundness and/or legal compliance identified by the Inspector. These are put forward without prejudice to the Inspector’s final conclusions on the Plan.

Representations are invited on the Main Modifications and supporting documents only.
The consultation will run for 10 weeks from noon on Thursday 15 July 2021 to 5pm on Thursday 23 September 2021.

The Schedule of Main Modifications and supporting documents can be viewed below.

A schedule of Additional Modifications has been prepared which are minor changes to the Plan and not those necessary for soundness. They do not form part of the Inspector’s examination of the Plan. The schedule of Additional Modifications is not being consulted on but is available for reference and can be viewed below.

How to make your representations

The quickest and easiest way to make your representations is via the Online Response Form.

Alternatively, you can download a representation form below and email responses to

Or return them to:

MM Consultation 2021
Planning Policy
Epping Forest District Council Civic Offices
323 High Street
Essex CM16 4BZ

Statement of Representation Procedure

The Council’s Statement of Representation Procedure providing full details of the consultation can be accessed below:

Guidance Note and FAQs

Schedule of Main Modifications

Mapping subject to Main Modification (split across 3 documents):

  1. Revisions to mapping Part One of the Plan (1) (ED131A)
  2. Revisions to mapping Part One of the Plan (2) (ED131B)
  3. Revisions to mapping Part Two of the Plan (ED131C)

Supporting documents

The following documents have been prepared to support the proposed Main Modifications to the Plan. Representations concerning their content will be accepted to the extent that they are relevant to inform your comments on the Main Modifications. However, you should avoid lengthy comments on the evidence/background documents themselves.

  1. Council’s response to Actions outlined in Inspector’s post examination hearing advice (Examination document reference number ED98), July 2021 (ED133)
  2. Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum, June 2021 (ED128/ EB210)
  3. 2021 Habitats Regulations Assessment (ED129A-B/ EB211A-B)
  4. Epping Forest Interim Air Pollution Mitigation Strategy, December 2020 (ED126/ EB212)
  5. EFDC response to Inspector’s Post Hearing Action 5 and supplementary questions of 16 June 2021, July 2021 (ED127)
  6. Epping Forest District Council Green Infrastructure Strategy (ED124A-G/ EB159A-G)
  7. Harlow and Gilston Garden Town Latton Priory Access Strategy Assessment Report, July 2020 (ED121A-C/ EB1420A-C)
  8. Revised Appendix 2 to the Epping Forest District Council Open Space Strategy (EB703), January 2020 (ED125/ EB703A)
  9. IDP: Part B Infrastructure Delivery Schedule 2020 Update (ED117/ EB1118)
  10. EFDC Consolidated and Updated Viability Evidence 2020 (ED116/ EB1117)
  11. Statement of Common Ground Addendum East of Harlow, September 2020 (ED122A-B)
  12. South Epping Masterplan Area Capacity Analysis (Sites EPP.R1 and EPP.R2), March 2020 (ED120/ EB1421)
  13. In addition to the above there are a number of Examination Documents, which include Homework Notes produced by the Council as a result of actions identified by the Inspector at the hearing sessions as well as correspondence between the Council and the Inspector following hearings. These Examination Documents can all be accessed here on the Local Plan website

To respond

Additional Documents

It may be helpful to refer to the Local Plan Submission Version (2017) and Appendix 6 alongside the Schedule of Main Modifications: