Consultation on further Main Modifications to Epping Forest District’s emerging Local Plan

Important Note: this stage of consultation is limited to the proposed further Main Modifications to the Plan only

Details of the Consultation

The emerging Local Plan is at an advanced stage within the Examination process following hearing sessions in 2019 and consultation in 2021 on changes required, known as Main Modifications, to the Local Plan Submission Version to address issues of soundness and / or legal compliance identified by the Inspector.

In June 2022, Inspector Bore outlined a number of Actions for the Council and confirmed that further Main Modifications are required to the Plan in order for it to be determined ‘sound’.

The Council has worked swiftly to address the Inspector’s Actions, and now proposes further Main Modifications. These are put forward without prejudice to the Inspector’s final conclusions on the Plan.

Representations are only invited on the further main modifications highlighted in red.

Consultees should not re-submit previous representations or make representations on Main Modifications that have not changed, and any such responses will not be considered by the Inspector.

The consultation will run for 6 weeks from noon on Friday 28 October 2022 to 5pm on Friday 9 December 2022.

The Schedule of Main Modifications clearly distinguishes between the Main Modifications consulted upon in 2021 (in black text) and the proposed further Main Modifications which are the subject to consultation (in red text). The Schedule and supporting documents can be viewed below.

How to make a representation

The quickest and easiest way to make your representations is via the Online Response Form.

Alternatively you can download a representation form below and return by email or post as outlined within the document.

The Council’s Statement of Representation Procedure providing full details of the consultation can be accessed below:

Guidance Note and FAQs can be accessed below:

Schedule of Main Modifications (with Further Main Modifications identified):

Mapping subject to Further Main Modification

This stage of consultation is concerned with the proposed further Main Modifications only. Further Main Modifications are proposed to three of the maps within the Plan (as referenced within the Schedule of Main Modifications under MM78, MM100 and MM208). The Council publishes these maps within ED146 below for ease of reference during the consultation:

All Main Modifications to Mapping

To note for completeness, the below set of three documents contains all Main Modifications proposed to the mapping within the Local Plan Submission Version (2017). To understand exactly what changes have been made to each of the maps and why, refer to the Schedule of Main Modifications:

Supporting documents

The following documents have been prepared to support the further Main Modifications to the Plan. Representations concerning their content will be accepted to the extent that they are relevant to inform your comments on the further Main Modifications. However, you should avoid lengthy comments on the evidence / background documents themselves.

    1. Council’s response to Actions outlined in Inspector’s note to Epping Forest District Council (Examination Document reference number ED141), October 2022 (ED144)
    2. Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum, October 2022 (ED148/ EB214)
    3. 2022 Habitats Regulations Assessment, October 2022 (ED149/EB215A)

To respond

Additional documents

A schedule of Additional Modifications has been prepared which are minor changes to the Plan and not those necessary for soundness. They do not form part of the Inspector’s Examination of the Plan. The schedule of Additional Modifications is not being consulted on but is available for reference below.

It may be helpful to refer to the Local Plan Submission Version (2017) and Appendix 6 alongside the Schedule of Main Modifications:

Availability of documents

Hard copies of the Local Plan Submission Version (2017) and the Schedule of Main Modifications (with Further Main Modifications identified) will be available during the consultation period at libraries throughout the District and these materials, plus supporting documents and hardcopy forms, will be available at the Civic Offices in Epping during its standard opening hours.