Hearing Sessions Actions

Actions requested by the Inspector during the hearing sessions for the Council.

Actions arising out of Hearing Sessions

Homework NumberDate – Matter / IssueHomeworkExamination
Document Reference
HW3521/05/2019 – M1, I5Policies DM 2 / DM 22 - proposed revisionsED97, ED97A and ED97B
HW3411/06/2019 – M15, I2 (P 2)Roding Valley Meadows SSSI – what is the risk to the SSSI and mitigation measuresED103 and ED103A
HW3311/06/2019 – M15, I2 (P 2)M11, Junction 5 – delivery timescales and how it relates to delivery of developmentED94
HW3222/05/2019 – M11, I1Confirm whether or not the Council has taken account of the required adaptability and accessibility standards when considering the capacity and density of development sites to accommodate housingED93
HW3121/05/2019 – M1, I5List of allocated sites that require strategic SANGS (i.e. 400+ homes) and whether they will provide on-site or financial contributions to offsite; identifying if any of these sites are within the SAC 3km zone AND confirm current position regarding position of SANGS on strategic sites within 6.2km zone AND DM 2 / DM 22 proposed revisionsED91A and ED91B
HW3016/05/2019 – M15, I2 (P 13-15)RUR.E11 (Quickbury Farm) – consider whether ‘designation’ of the allocation site should be changed following a site visitED92 and Updated version ED92A
HW2916/05/2019 – M15, I2 (P 7)CHIG.R5 - supply marked up plan showing the land parcelsED86
HW2815/05/2019 – M15, I2 (P 6)Further detail on the relationship between the two masterplans in North Weald BassettED96
HW2715/05/2019 – M15, I2 (P 4/ P 7)ONGR.6 / CHIG.R7 - Work that informs site capacity assessment and how heritage issues were taken into account (including what is significant about the heritage assets)ED88
HW2615/05/2019 – M15, I2 (P 4)Implications of ECC’s decision not to take forward the highways improvement scheme which included the Four Wantz RoundaboutED89
HW2514/05/2019 – M15, I2
(P 1)
Produce Map of listing of Civic Offices to show how it relates to the site allocation and provide an assessment of why the proposed allocation is compatibleED85
HW2414/05/2019 – M15, I2Produce new trajectory to update the trajectory with any amendments discussed as part of the examination hearings. Update does not need to include the updated stepped trajectory at this stageED90A and ED90B
HW2314/05/2019 – M15, I2
(P 1)
The vacancy rates for Epping High StreetED87
HW2214/05/2019 – M15, I1
(P 3)
Policy wording for site allocation WAL.E6ED95
HW21Provide copy of Council’s opening statementED84
HW2027/03/2019 – M16, I1 (DM15 and DM 16)DM 15: Managing and Reducing Flood Risk and DM 16: Sustainable Drainage SystemsED55
HW1926/03/2019 – M16, I1 (DM 10)Need for Nationally Described Space StandardsED54
HW1826/03/2019 – M16, I1 (DM4)Designation of local green spaceED53
HW1721/03/2019 – M8, I4East of Harlow Site amendmentsED52
HW1621/03/2019 - M8, I4The Potential for Job Creation within the Harlow and Gilston Garden TownED51
HW1521/03/2019 - M8, I2Policies SP 4 and SP 5 – proposed amendments (see also HW 17)ED57
HW1420/03/2019 - M6, I3Update to Trajectory for Provision for Travellers from 2018/19ED50
HW1320/03/2019 - M6, I1Housing Implementation StrategyED49
HW1219/03/2019 - M5, I4Proposed application of paragraph 57 of the 2019 NPPFED56
HW1019/03/2019 - M5, I1 & I3Provision of Stage 2 surveysED48
HW919/03/2019 - M5, I1 & I3Concerns raised about the Site Selection process in relation to CHIG.R11 and SR-0158BED47
HW819/03/2019 - M5, I1 & I3Statements of Common Ground - current position as at 30.4.19ED46
HW726/02/2019 - M4, I4Anomalies in the Green BeltED58
HW625/02/2019 - M4, I2Settlement hierarchyED45
HW514/02/2019 - M3, I4Copy of Harlow Policy RS2 and supporting textED14
HW414/02/2019 - M3, I4Retail allocationsED16
HW312/02/2019 - M1, I3Note on engagement regarding the SACED18
HW212/02/2019 - M1, I3Note on decision regarding DtC Member Co-op Board (23/07/2017 meeting)ED15
HW112/02/2019 - M1, I2Copy of the judgment in JoplingED13