Inspector’s Advice after Hearings

View the Inspector’s Advice Note following the hearing sessions and EFDC’s response.

ReferenceDateTitleUpload Date
ED10830 April 2020EFDC: Epping Forest Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Position Statement13 May 2020
ED10727 April 2020Inspector's Note to EFDC following their update on her Actions in her Advice After Hearings (ED106)27 April 2020
ED10624 April 2020EFDC update on progress of Inspector’s actions in her Advice After Hearings (ED98)27 April 2020
ED10521 February 2020Epping Forest Special Area of Conservation: Methodology review for the HRA for the Local Plan31 March 2020
ED104A21 January 2020EFDC High level Programme27 January 2020
ED10421 January 2020EFDC Letter to Inspector in response to ED102 and update on ED10027 January 2020
ED10225 November 2019Inspector's reply to EFDC response (ED100) to her Advice after Hearings (ED98)28 November 2019
ED10011 October 2019EFDC Response to Inspector's Advice dated 2 August 2019 (ED98)16 October 2019
ED982 August 2019Inspector's Advice after Hearings of Examination of Epping Forest District Local Plan7 August 2019

Examination Documents

A full list of examination documents supporting the Epping Forest District Local Plan Examination.

Action arising from the Hearing sessions.