The Local Plan - a blueprint for our future

The Local Plan is a plan for the future development of the local area, drawn up by the Local Planning Authority, in our case, the Epping Forest District Council. The new Epping Forest Local Plan will cover the period up to 2033 and will guide decisions on whether or not planning permission should be granted for different types of development within the District.

Current stage

The Council is preparing to submit a new Local Plan to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination. As part of the submission process the Council invited representations on the ‘soundness’ and ‘legal compliance’ of the Plan.  Representations should therefore be related to whether or not the Plan has been prepared in accordance with the relevant legal requirements, and whether or not the Plan is sound – defined as:

  • positively prepared
  • justified
  • effective
  • consistent with national policy

Following the submission of the Local Plan an examination will be carried out by an independent planning inspector, who will determine whether or not the necessary requirements have been met, and therefore if the Plan can be adopted by the Council.

Details of the Submission Version of the Local Plan can be found on the Local Plan (Submission Version 2017).

It is hoped that the Plan will be adopted in late 2018. For the up-to-date timetable please refer to the Council’s latest Local Development Scheme.

Once adopted, the new Local Plan will replace the existing Local Plan which is the 1998 Local Plan and 2006 Alterations documents.

Previous consultations

The Council has undertaken public consultation on earlier iterations of the Plan. Relevant information on these earlier stages can be found here:

This is your Local Plan. This is our opportunity as a community to ensure development in Epping Forest District takes place how and where we want it to.

Cllr John PhilipPortfolio Holder for Planning Policy
Epping Forest District Council