Technical Information

This page includes all relevant available technical studies and evidence documents that have informed and/or supported the preparation of the Local Plan.

For ease of use the documents have been categorised in groupings which accord largely with the structure of the Local Plan:

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District Documents

Council Documents

Community Choices Consultation Report (EFDC 2013) EB100

Community Choices Consultation Appendix (EFDC 2013) EB100A

Local Development Scheme (EFDC 2017) EB101
Putting Epping Forest First: Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) 2010-2031 – (One Epping Forest 2010) EB102
Corporate Plan 2015-2020 (EFDC 2015) EB103
Draft Local Plan Consultation Report (Remarkable Engagement & EFDC 2017) EB122
Statement of Community Involvement (EFDC 2013) EB104

Cabinet Reports

Local Plan Update (12 October 2017) EB105
Draft Local Plan Regulation 18 Consultation (11 July 2017) EB106
Local Plan Implementation (15 June 2017) EB107
Initial Findings of Regulation 18 Consultation (9 March 2017) EB108
Local Plan Resources Update (1 December 2016) EB109
Draft Local Plan for consultation (6 October 2016) EB110
Draft Local Plan Consultation Strategy (1 September 2016) EB111
Local Plan Budget Update (26 July 2016) EB112

Sustainability Appraisal & Habitats Regulations Assessment

Epping Forest District Council Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment Scoping Report (Scott Wilson 2010) EB200
Epping Forest District Local Plan Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report (URS 2012) EB201
Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report for the Epping Forest District Local Plan (AECOM 2016) EB202

Non-Technical Summary of the Sustainability Appraisal of the Epping Forest District Draft Local Plan (AECOM 2016) EB202A

Sustainability Appraisal of Strategic OAHN Spatial Options (AECOM 2016) EB203
Sustainability and Equalities Impact Appraisal (AECOM December 2017) EB204

Sustainability and Equalities Impact Appraisal Non-Technical Summary (AECOM December 2017)EB204A

Habitats Regulations Assessment (AECOM 2016) EB205
Habitats Regulations Assessment (AECOM December 2017) EB206

Habitats Regulations Assessment Non-Technical Summary (AECOM November 2017) EB206A


Stage 1 Assessment of the Viability of Affordable Housing, Community Infrastructure Levy and Local Plan (Dixon Searle 2015) EB300
Viability Study Stage 2 (Dixon Searle Partnership 2017) EB301

Appendix I Assumptions Summary (Dixon Searle Partnership 2017) EB301A
Appendix IIa – Summaries and Cover Sheet (Dixon Searle Partnership 2017) EB301B
Appendix IIb – Residential Results Summary – Strategic Site Appraisal Summary (Dixon Searle Partnership 2017) EB301C
Appendix III – Market Values & Assumptions Research (Dixon Searle Partnership 2017) EB301D
Appendix IV – Glossary (Dixon Searle Partnership 2017) EB301E

Strategic Policies - Housing

Epping Forest District Council Self Build Custom Build Housebuilding Register (EFDC 2016) EB400
Essex, Southend on Sea and Thurrock Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Show people  Accommodation Assessment Summary 2016-2033  (Opinion Research Services 2017) EB401A
Essex, Southend-on-Sea & Thurrock:  Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment Methodology Modelling Current and Future Needs (Opinion Research Services November 2017) EB401B
Epping Forest District Council:  Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Show people Accommodation Assessment Need Summary Report (Opinion Research Services September 2017) EB402
Essex Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment on behalf of Essex Planning Officers Association (Opinion Research Services 2014) EB403
Note for Epping Forest District Council Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (Opinion Research Services 2016) EB403A
Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update 2012 (Opinion Research Services 2013) EB404
Strategic Housing Market Assessment (Opinion Research Services 2015) EB405
Updating the Overall Housing Need: Based on 2014-based projections for West Essex & East Herts  (Opinion Research services 2016) EB406
Strategic Housing Market Assessment Establishing the OAN (Opinion Research Services 2017) EB407
Strategic Housing Market Assessment Affordable Housing Update (Opinion Research Services 2017) EB408
Economic Evidence to Support the Development of the OAHN for West Essex and East Herts (Hardisty Jones 2015) EB409
Housing Implementation Strategy (Epping Forest District Council December 2017) EB410

Settlement Capacity Study Epping Forest District Council (Fregonese Associates 2016) EB803
Settlement Capacity Study (2016) – Appendix 1 -SLAA site SIEVING (Fregonese Associates 2016) EB803A
Settlement Capacity Study (2016) – Appendix 2 additional inspire sites (Fregonese Associates 2016) EB803B
Settlement Capacity Study (2016) – Appendix 3 Initial Site Pool (Fregonese Associates 2016) EB803C
Settlement Capacity Study (2016) – Appendix 4 Brownfield Greenbelt Sites (Fregonese Associates 2016) EB803D
Settlement Capacity Study (2016) – Appendix 5 Final Site Pool (Fregonese Associates 2016) EB803E
Settlement Capacity Study (2016) – Appendix 6 Parking Provision (Fregonese Associates 2016) EB803F
Settlement Capacity Study (2016) – Appendix 7 Modelling Assumptions (Fregonese Associates 2016) EB803G
Settlement Capacity Study (2016) – Appendix 8 Visualisation (Fregonese Associates 2016) EB803H

Strategic Policies - Employment

Economic and Employment Evidence to Support the Local Plan and Economic Development Strategy (Hardisty Jones 2015) EB600

Economic and Employment Evidence to Support the Local Plan and Economic-Appendix 1 methodology (Hardisty Jones 2015) EB600A
Economic and Employment Evidence to Support the LP and Economic-Appendix 2 Evidence & Consultations (Hardisty Jones 2015) EB600B
Economic and Employment Evidence to Support the Local Plan and Economic-Appendix 3 demand analysis (Hardisty Jones 2015) EB600C
Economic and Employment Evidence to Support the LP and Economic-Appendix 4 sites and premises (Hardisty Jones 2015) EB600D

Viability of the Horticultural Glasshouse Industry (Reading Agricultural Consultants, in association with Gerry Hayman and Hennock Industries 2003) EB601
Employment Land Supply Assessment (Arup 2017) EB602

Employment Land Supply Assessment- Appendix D1 (Arup 2017) EB602A
Employment Land Supply Assessment- Appendix D2 (Arup 2017) EB602B
Employment Land Supply Assessment- Appendix D3 (Arup 2017) EB602C
Employment Land Supply Assessment- Appendix D4 (Arup 2017) EB602D
Employment Land Supply Assessment- Appendix D5 (Arup 2017) EB602E
Employment Land Supply Assessment- Appendix D6 (Arup 2017) EB602F

Employment Review (Hardisty Jones Associates 2017) EB603
The Lea Valley Glasshouse Industry – Planning for the Future Report (Laurence Gould 2012) EB604
Lee Valley White Water Centre Economic Development Study (Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners 2011) EB605
Epping Forest and Brentwood Borough Employment Land Review (Atkins 2010) EB606
The employment structure in Epping Forest District (John Papadachi, Prosperica Ltd 2014) EB607
Epping Forest Visitor Accommodation needs Assessment – Phase 1 (Hotel Solutions 2016) EB608
Epping Forest District Visitor Accommodation Needs Assessment Phase 2 (Hotel Solutions 2017) EB609
West Essex and East Hertfordshire Assessment of Employment Needs (Hardisty Jones Associates 2017) EB610
Economic Plan for Essex (Essex County Council 2014) EB611
Economic Impact of Tourism – Epping Forest 2014 (Destination Research 2014) EB612

Strategic Policies - Green Belt/Landscape/Open Space

Epping Forest District Council Open Space, Sport and Recreation Assessment (Ploszajski Lynch Consulting Ltd 2012 EB700
Epping Forest – the next 10 years (City of London 2015) EB701
50 favourite trees (EFDC Online) EB702
Open Space Strategy (4 Global 2017) EB703
Green Belt Review Stage 1 report and parcel assessments (EFDC 2015)  EB704A
Green Belt Review Stage 1 methodology – (EFDC 2015) EB704B
Green Belt Assessment: Phase 2 (Land Use Consultants 2016) EB705A
Green Belt Assessment: Phase 2 Technical Annex (Land Use Consultants 2016) EB705B
Open Space, Sport and Recreation Audit (EFDC 2009) EB706

Local Wildlife Sites (LoWS) (also known as Habitats Assessment) Review – (Essex Ecology Services Ltd (EECOS) 2010) EB708

Epping Forest District Council Landscape Character Assessment (Chris Blandford Associates 2010) EB709
Built Facilities Strategy (4 Global 2017) EB710
Playing Pitches Strategy (4 Global 2017) EB711
Settlement Edge Landscape Sensitivity Study (Chris Blandford Associates) EB712

Site Selection

Strategic Land Availability Assessment (Nathaniel Linchfield & Partners 2016) EB800
Site Selection Report (Arup 2016) EB801

Appendix A – Site selection methodology (Arup 2016) EB801A
Appendix B1.1 – Overview of assessment (Arup 2016) EB801B
Appendix B1.2.1 – Discounted sites (Arup 2016) EB801C
Appendix B1.2.2 – Justification for split sites (Arup 2016) EB801D
Appendix B1.3 – Results of Stage 1 assessment (Arup 2016) EB801E
Appendix B1.4.1 – Stage 2 Assessment Methodology (Arup 2016) EB801F
Appendix B1.4.2 – Results of Stage 2 Assessment (Arup 2016) EB801G (EB801Gi to Gxviii)

A-B1.4.2-Extract for Buckhurst Hill p2-16 of full Appendix EB801Gi
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Chigwell p17-66 of full Appendix EB801Gii
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Epping p67-111-of full Appendix EB801Giii
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Epping Upland 112-116 of full Appendix EB801Giv
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Fyfield p117-125 of full Appendix EB801Gv
A-B1.4.2-Extract for High Ongar p126-132 of full Appendix EB801Gvi
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Lambourne p133 140-of full Appendix EB801Gvii
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Loughton p141-181 of full Appendix EB801Gviii
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Matching p182-183 of full Appendix EB801Gix
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Nazeing p187-225 of full Appendix EB801Gx
A-B1.4.2-Extract for North Weald Bassett p226-267 of full Appendix EB801Gxi
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Ongar p268-302 of full Appendix-1 EB801Gxii
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Roydon p303-334 of full Appendix EB801Gxiii
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Sheering Lower Sheering p335-348 of full Appendix EB801Gxiv
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Stapleford Abbotts p349-363 of full Appendix EB801Gxv
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Theydon Bois p364-385 of full Appendix EB801Gxvi
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Waltham Abbey p386-443 of full Appendix EB801Gxvii
A-B1.4.2-Extract for Willingale p444-448 of full Appendix EB801Gxviii

Appendix B1.4.3 – Summary of Community Choices Feedback (Arup 2016) EB801H
Appendix B1.5.1 – Categorising sites for further assessment (Arup 2016) EB801I
Appendix B1.5.2 – Results of identifying sites for testing (Arup 2016) EB801J
Appendix B1.5.3 – B1.6.3 – Detailed Methodology for More Detailed Assessment for Housing Sites (Arup 2016) EB801K
Appendix B1.6.4 – Results of stage 3 capacity and stage 4 deliverability assessments (Arup 2016) EB801L
Appendix B1.6.5 – Results of identifying sites for allocation (Arup 2016) EB801M
Appendix B1.6.6 – Housing trajectory (Arup 2016) EB801N
Appendix C – site selection – settlement proformas (Arup 2016) EB801O
Appendix D – Traveller site selection methodology (Arup 2016) EB801P
Appendix E1.1 – Overview of assessment of traveller sites (Arup 2016) EB801Q
Appendix E1.2 – Results of Stage 1 assessment (Arup 2016) EB801R
Appendix E1.3 – Results of Stage 2 assessment (Arup 2016) EB801S
Appendix E1.4 – Stage 3 assessment (Arup 2016) EB801T
Appendix E1.5 – Stage 4 Quantitative and qualitative assessment (Arup 2016) EB801U
Appendix E1.6 – E1.7.1 – Stage 5 and 6 assessments (Arup 2016) EB801V
Appendix E1.7.2 – Stage 6 assessment (Arup 2016) EB801W
Appendix E1.7.3 – Results of identifying sites for allocation (Arup 2016) EB801X
Appendix E1.7.4 – Pitch trajectory (Arup 2016) EB801Y
Appendix F1.1- Overview of Assessment of Employment and Other Sites (Arup 2016) EB801AA
Appendix F1.2 – Results of Stage 1 assessment (Arup 2016) EB801AB
Appendix F1.3 – Results of Stage 2 assessment (Arup 2016) EB801AC

Updated Site Selection Methodology (Arup 2017) EB802A
Site Selection Report (Arup December 2017) EB802B
Updated Travellers Site Selection Methodology (Arup 2017) EB802C

Development Management


St John’s Road Design and Development Brief (Allies & Morrison Urban Practitioners 2012) EB1000
Debden Town Centre and Broadway Development Options (Urban Practitioners 2008) EB1001
Hillhouse Masterplan (JTP 2016)  EB1002
North Weald Bassett Masterplanning Study  (Allies & Morrison Urban Practitioners 2014) EB1003A
North Weald Bassett Masterplanning Study  (Allies & Morrison Urban Practitioners 2014) EB1003B
Roydon Landmark trees A Review (Sharon Hosegood Associates 2015) EB1004
Ongar Community Tree Strategy (EFDC 2008) EB1005

Epping Forest District Council Town Centres Study (Roger Tym 2010) EB1006

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Settlement Hierarchy Technical Papers (EFDC 2015) EB1007

Town Centres Review (Arup 2016) EB1008

Duty to Co-operate

Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding Managing the Impacts of Growth within the West Essex / East Hertfordshire HMA on Epping Forest SAC (February 2017) EB1200
Memorandum of Understanding on Highways & Transportation Infrastructure for the West Essex / East Hertfordshire Housing Market Area (February 2017) EB1201
Memorandum of Understanding on Distribution of Objectively Assessed Housing Need across the West Essex / East Hertfordshire Housing Market Area (March 2017) EB1202

Cooperation for Sustainable Development Board Member Meetings





Garden Town Documents

Harlow & Gilston Garden Town Expression of Interest (October 2016) EB1401
Garden Town Funding 2017/18 – Bidding Pro Forma (Epping Forest, East Herts & Harlow District Councils 2017) EB1402

Reports & Other Documents

Harlow Strategic Site Assessment (AECOM 2016) EB1500
London Stansted Cambridge Consortium: agenda for jobs, growth and improved liveability (LSCC 2015) EB1501
Lee Valley Park Development Framework (Lee Valley Regional Park Authority 2011) EB1502
Area 5 proposals for The Waterlands: King George V Reservoir to Rammey Marsh (Lee Valley Regional Park Authority 2013) EB1504
Terms of Reference (Enfield, Essex and Hertfordshire Border Liaison Group 2014) EB1505

Background Papers

Housing Background Paper (October 2016) EB1600
Transport Background Paper (October 2016) EB1601
Open Space and Standards Background Paper (October 2016) EB1602
Green Belt & District Open land Background Paper (October 2016) EB1603
Climate Change Background Paper (October 2016) EB1604
Economy and Town Centres Background Paper (October 2016) EB1605
Natural Environment Background Paper (October 2016) EB1606
Historic Environment Background Paper (October 2016) EB1607

You can also download a full document list here.

Further technical information and documentation will be added to this page as and when it becomes available.