The story so far

Epping Forest District Council has been working to produce a new up-to-date Local Plan. The timetable detailed below outlines the work undertaken over previous years and the process moving forward.

The next consultation is on the Draft Local Plan. Your priorities are the building blocks for this document. The Draft Local Plan sets out strategic policies and pinpoint sites, which we’ve identified as the most suitable and sustainable for development and regeneration.



Community Visioning Consultation

Epping Forest District Council undertook its first consultation in 2010/2011, when we asked you to explain what you think is important in Epping Forest District and what the priorities should be for the future of the area.

You can view the full consultation report and results here:

Consultation summary

Report given to the Local Development Framework Cabinet Committee

Issues and options consultation

In 2012, we completed a second consultation on the main issues facing the District until 2033 and a range of potential options to address the issues based on evidence and research.

You can view the full consultation documents here.

Evidence gathering

Epping Forest District Council has being reviewing the feedback received during both sets of consultation, and undertaking further evidence to provide a comprehensive picture of the opportunities and constraints in the Epping Forest District.

A full list of the completed studies and technical evidence, which will be referenced throughout the Draft Local Plan, will be available on the Technical Information page of our website in October.

Draft Local Plan Published for Consultation

Following the two previous consultations, much consideration of your feedback, and further research, we are now undertaking consultation on the Draft Local Plan.

Publication (Pre-submission) Plan

The Council will publish the revised Plan with any further amendments as a result of the 2016 consultation, and ask for comments on whether the plan is sound.

Submission to Secretary of State for Examination

The published Local Plan will be submitted for examination by an independent Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. All the representations received during the consultation will be sent to the Inspector, together with a number of supporting documents.

Examination Hearings

The Inspector will assess whether the Local Plan meets the relevant legal requirements, complies with the Duty to Cooperate, and is sound.

The examination will include hearing sessions where interested parties may be invited by the Inspector to discuss the Local Plan.

Inspector's Report

The Inspector will produce a report setting out their findings and recommendations.

Adoption of the Local Plan

If the Inspector finds the Local Plan to be sound and legally compliant the Council will proceed to adopt the Local Plan.