Hearing Sessions

A series of public hearings conducted by the Planning Inspector will take place during the Examination of the Local Plan.

17 October 2018

It is unlikely that any hearing sessions will be held until the New Year at the earliest, but it will not be possible to give a better idea of timings until the Inspector has completed her assessment of the Local Plan and read the representations.

If she were to decide during November, that she was in a position to fix the dates for the hearing sessions they would not be set to take place before the New Year. This is because there would not be enough time for the publication of the Inspector’s Matters and Issues, and for the submission of hearing statements unless the dates of any hearing sessions were fixed for after the beginning of the New Year.

As soon as the Inspector has decided on the next steps in the examination, or any details on the timings of the hearing sessions, a note will be posted in the Latest News and Updates.