Hearing Sessions Actions

Actions requested by the Inspector during the hearing sessions for the Council.

Actions arising out of Hearing Sessions

Homework NumberDate – Matter / IssueHomeworkExamination
Document Reference
HW2027/03/2019 – M16, I1 (DM15 and DM 16)DM 15: Managing and Reducing Flood Risk and DM 16: Sustainable Drainage SystemsED55
HW1926/03/2019 – M16, I1 (DM 10)Need for Nationally Described Space StandardsED54
HW1826/03/2019 – M16, I1 (DM4)Designation of local green spaceED53
HW1721/03/2019 – M8, I4East of Harlow Site amendmentsED52
HW1621/03/2019 - M8, I4The Potential for Job Creation within the Harlow and Gilston Garden TownED51
HW1521/03/2019 - M8, I2Policies SP 4 and SP 5 – proposed amendments (see also HW 17)ED57
HW1420/03/2019 - M6, I3Update to Trajectory for Provision for Travellers from 2018/19ED50
HW1320/03/2019 - M6, I1Housing Implementation StrategyED49
HW1219/03/2019 - M5, I4Proposed application of paragraph 57 of the 2019 NPPFED56
HW1019/03/2019 - M5, I1 & I3Provision of Stage 2 surveysED48
HW919/03/2019 - M5, I1 & I3Concerns raised about the Site Selection process in relation to CHIG.R11 and SR-0158BED47
HW819/03/2019 - M5, I1 & I3Statements of Common Ground - current position as at 30.4.19ED46
HW726/02/2019 - M4, I4Anomalies in the Green BeltED58
HW625/02/2019 - M4, I2Settlement hierarchyED45
HW514/02/2019 - M3, I4Copy of Harlow Policy RS2 and supporting textED14
HW414/02/2019 - M3, I4Retail allocationsED16
HW312/02/2019 - M1, I3Note on engagement regarding the SACED18
HW212/02/2019 - M1, I3Note on decision regarding DtC Member Co-op Board (23/07/2017 meeting)ED15
HW112/02/2019 - M1, I2Copy of the judgment in JoplingED13