Thank you for getting involved

This is your Local Plan. Thank you for getting involved.

We wanted as many people involved and providing us with feedback on the Draft Local Plan as possible. We therefore undertook the following activities to let people know about the Draft Local Plan, the public consultation, and how they could get involved.

We are now analysing this feedback and will publish a report later this year to update you on the feedback we received.

What we did to consult the people of Epping Forest District?

We used the following activities to publicise and seek feedback on the Draft Local Plan:

Promotion of the Draft Local Plan

15th September - 7th November


15th September – onwards

We updated the local media about the Draft Local Plan and consultation events to ensure as wide as publication as possible.

Social media

15th September – onwards

You can follow our Twitter and Facebook page for regular updates.


15th September – onwards

Register for updates and receive regular news bulletins from the team.


19th October – onwards

Updated website available with the Draft Local Plan, full consultation event details, times and locations. The online questionnaire was available for the consultation period between 31st October and 12th December.

Update newsletter

22nd October – 29th October

A newsletter was issued to all addresses in the district to ensure that everyone received notification of the consultation events and how to get involved.

Commuter postcards

From 31st October

We handed out information postcards at tube stations across the district from 31st October.

Consultation on the Draft Local Plan

31st October – 12th December 2016

Static information points

31st October – 12th December

A number of static information points were placed across the district in libraries and community halls throughout the consultation period. Details of the venues and opening times were available on the website after the 18th October and were updated weekly.

Staffed exhibitions

5th November – 14th November

The Local Plan team hosted a number of exhibitions throughout the district from 5th November – 14th November 2016. Details of the events were made available on the website, along with the materials displayed at the events.


31st October – 12th December 2016

Online Questionnaire

31st October – 12th December

An easy, convenient to complete questionnaire was available during the consultation period.

Hardcopy Questionnaire

31st October – 12th December

A hard copy of the questionnaire was available at the static information points and staffed exhibitions, as well as at the Council's offices.